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COVID19: don't think about tomorrow, it's too small

Out of the few events I enjoy the most in San Francisco is attending the  Long Now seminars . Not all seminars are great, but the push to drive folks to come together and think about the really long term through talks is pretty unique, specially if afterwards you can then discuss the topics with a group of friends or family. After COVID19 kicked our teeth in, I knew I had to eventually take some time to sit and think about what the implications about this pandemic are for the long term. I knew this could transform my perspective and expectations a bit, but quite frankly I also dreaded a bit the philosophical turmoil this might bring on me for a while. My procrastination has proven futile, a conversation with a good friend yesterday set the thought process in motion, and as expected my outlook on this pandemic is quickly shifting for the better. This delayed exercise, has made an aspect about our human evolution come into the light for me, and it is clear now, just as if I were looking

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