Support software freedom now!

Free Software is in a critical state today. Bradley Kuhn recently has made an urgent call for supports of free software to help a campaign to strengthen both the Free Software Foundation and Software Freedom Conservancy, specially given if you donate before January 31st 2016 as your donation will be matched! I've learned the hard way that without such organizations we could be in for a dark age on user software freedoms. No other entity is doing what they do and they are both of critical importance to the community. Because of this I'm not only contributing now but I've decided to donate to each organization at the very least 1% of my salary each year. If you are employed because of free software I urgently encourage you to consider contributing. If you're in dire straits economically, at least give $20, for fuck's sake its probably just 2 whiskey city shots or a long Uber / Lyft ride.


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