Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Armenian wedding

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And then the wedding. Wow. What an experience... I'm grateful to the family for having in the end invited this Costarican wedding crasher to experience such a magical personal and cultural moment. The wedding took place in a beautiful green area called Aghveran that showed me how different the landscape can be in Armenia. The ceremony took place in an Orthodox Christian Armenian church in a very small village.

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The priest really looked scary, I was not used to this. He had a big hat and some really long white beard.

The car was pretty sweet. That's Vahe, the buddy I am in debt for having invited me to Armenia.

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As the celebration in the church ends a local band awaits the bride and groom and folks start dancing.

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The father of the bride then looks out and calls for the bride and starts the dance off.
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The beautiful bridesmaids:

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There then is a big dance on, a meet and greet and then we step to the celebration hall.

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Thanks to Armenia and I wish the best of fortune to the bride and groom! Kenaced (Cheers in Armenian)

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Zane Hovell said...

Great shots. It would have been a good number of photos if you have a good camera with you. Nevertheless, they're great shots. I look forward to my sister's wedding. I hope to catch the same great moments with our wedding photographer perth.

Jonathan Park said...

This wedding is very beautiful and the photos really captured the bride and the groom's glow. I'm looking for wedding venues oxgordshire to have a simple wedding. Not too flashy. I just want everybody to enjoy our day.

Liberty Silvagni said...

With the natural light and the scenic locations, I'm pretty sure our videography perth studio could make excellent wedding shots for this. Nevertheless, the photos still captured the great moments you guys had. Congrats!

Vince Fury said...

As I've noticed, most of the shots there are all in black and white. I think I saw a collection of that kind in a perth wedding photography gallery studio.

David Huffman said...

Nice photos. Wedding photos are always great especially if the place has an amazing landscape like those at long island wedding halls.

Mark Jones said...

The photographer did a wondrous job in capturing the wedding's best moments! The scenic view of the long island banquet halls-alike added to the cultural diversity of this Armenian wedding.


Theodore Van said...

Truly, country clubs like these and those at the Mill Pond are great wedding venues. They can accommodate a large number of guests.

Theodore Van

Anonymous said...

The weeding car beats everything. Well, the simple wedding looks very nice and with a cultural touch!

-Eden Vallis

Anonymous said...

I was expecting to see a close up shot of the bride because I want to see the style of her wedding gown. Do you have any pictures of her?

-Maddison Chan