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Rust and Surf # 2 - San Francisco

While learning to surf in Costa Rica I broke a surf board. The good thing about this story is the guy at the shop, Ozzie Hoppe from Adrift Surf Shop at Playa Esterillos, was really friendly and only charged me what the rental damage demanded, $60, but also, after learning that I lived in San Francisco explained he lived there before -- and explained that surfing is just as good in the bay area as it was in Costa Rica! He eneded up writing down in piece of paper a bunch of places he recommended to surf at in the bay area and in this blog post I share that with you all.

San Francisco

  • Bolinas: Good during big swell NW or small south can get big on bigger south swells - medium tide.
  • Ocean Beach North End: Kelly's Cove, only good on small days, under 4ft - medium-high tide.
  • Rockaway - good on smaller swells, low tide
  • Linda Mar: In Pacifica, on south end of beach, mid to high tide can get crowded. Good on medium to small days.
  • Princeton Jetty: In half moon bay. Mid to high tide. Good on medium sized south swell or big NW.

Santa Cruz

  • Small - Medium Days: The Hook on the east side. Capitola on the east side. Manresa - south of the hook (beach break).
  • Big Days: Cowells on the west side, inside of Steamer's Lane.
Surf Supplies

He recommend to check out clean line surf site to buy surf gear. He recommended to try out suits by Kelly's Cove, on 46th Ave or Mollusk, then you'd just buy the part on the site. He pointed out all brand have the same size, so this should work well.

I have yet to try any of these places but am pretty excited to try them.


Xander Lawson said…
Well, I can't deny that the Bay Area does get pretty good waves. I'd be very careful surfing there though with all those ships and structures around.
Duanne Gill said…
I won't recommend that place as a surf training ground. Too many hazardous sneak waves.

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