A bunch of nothingness

I stared at a cuckoo clock that went off every half hour. One cuckoo for one half hour, two cuckoos for a full hour. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Second by second, minute by minute. In the background I could hear a river -- or was it the wind? Light was slowly fading away into the evening. I stared at a wall where the clock was hung, and nothing changed much except the clock's surroundings. I didn't mind staring at the clock, in fact it was fascinating, I could focus on nothing. After about three or four cuckoos I started sipping tea slowly. The second time I poured tea I forgot to add sugar, that second time the tea tasted a lot better, a little more of nothing.

Time went by really slow, magically darkening the living room to the point we forgot it was completely dark. I hesitated every time anything came into my mind, and cringed when anything dared to disrupt this moment. The only thing lingering in the back of my head was a possible phone call but no one called yet. A sort of ring rang, but I ignored it, the ring was so faint it must not have been important and if it was a call I didn't care. Three or four more cuckoos and I realized soon I should do nothing but listen more carefully to a ringer, I had to zone back up.

After two cuckoos I realized the mug I was holding was branded as having been purchased in Jamaica with sand on the bottom and a nice ocean in the background. It had two coconut trees on it. It then dawned on me mug holder was actually a tree itself. I explained this out loud, it seems this was the first time this was ever pointed out and discovered. I was a pioneer.

From Dec 30, 2011
My alarm went, off, it was time to go. It was my cousin calling, she came to pick me up while I was visiting my grandmother in Costa Rica. I know deep down I'll treasure this moment, I was able to focus on nothing very clearly, and I did it while in my home country on vacation. Its sounds easier than it does, but its not -- I encourage others to try a bunch of nothing for a while.

This blog post is heavily inspired by Sujith's Ruminations


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