Homeless person says good morning

Sincerely happy

Today a homeless person told me "good morning" instead of asking for a quarter or food as typically happens. I was so pleased with the attitude I wanted to just give them money. In the end I was too lazy to fumble for money in my pocket for them as I was with my dog. The fact that I was told good morning though, and that I was very pleased with this, made me think - "WTF just happened, this made no sense... why was this fucker telling me good morning? Why was I pleased with the pleasant attitude on stating it was a good morning through a cheery greet although I knew that fucker was likely miserably poor, maybe banana shit crazy, without a bath for days, wandering the streets and hungry? And for fuck's sake, how could I have been so lazy to not give this fucker some money even if they were really pleasant?". WTF!

Hard light

These questions set in motion a slew of philisophical thoughts that towards the end of the day made me even question the most basic daily activities we follow without much thought. I could elaborate on that but I think its perhaps a better exercise for anyone reading this to consider these questions themselves.


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